Corporate Headquarters
TriCom Card Technologies, Inc.         800-830-2225  / FAX 310-521-9600 / Ph. 310-521-0010  
336 N. Gaffey St.
San Pedro, CA. 90731
TriCom Card Technologies, Inc.
Ask for your State representative,.... Were in all 56 US States and Canadian Provinces!
TriCom will Guaranty to read more State ID's From more States and more Cards like Credit Card and AAA membership Cards to prevent fraud, Hotel Door Cards to prevent Tress passing, and Loyalty cards to admit patrons,...all with ID-e.  TriCom has consulted with various States and Federal Government IT departments to up-date and/or resolve data content issues.
Where  do we Work ?  ..(we work Everywhere !!)
Magnetic Strip only Type...
Part # ID-e2001 Reader
2D BarCode & Magnetic Strip
ID-e3000-S or P for "Portable."
2D Bar code Driver License
Magnetic Stripe Driver License
Pick ID-e ONLY if your in a Yellow  & or Green State (magnetic Strip) and your NOT near a Collage or in a big Vacation Location or State.
If so,... Please consider a product that INCLUDES the 2D Bar Code OPTION.
Pick ID-eBC if your in a BLUE State (2D Bar code)
We read all 2D and Magnetic Srtip with the ID-eBC..
M-310  works Every where
Verifone Mag. Strip ONLY 3730/570 PCI
Verifone 3730le With 2D bar Code.
Ski Resorts, Casino's, Race Tracks...use ID-e now in *All 50 States!
*all states /* Options, would include Georgia only with a 3rd party License
State /Province Magnetic Stripe   2D Barcode 1D  Barcode   Nothing Date of Last or New Format   % Saturation
TriCom Card Technologies, Inc.
Part # ID-e2001 Reader
Part # ID-e2004-P Reader